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Fishing Cretan Diet is based on the Meditteranean food . Fishing is a main food of Cretans.
Food in Heraklion Heraklion city is famous for its Traditional food influenced from Greeks of other islands.
Meat Product Quality Crete is known for its product meat quality. The rare spieces of goat animals living on the mountainous areas of the island, are the loved food of Cretans.
Meat Product Quality  
Olive Oil Olive oil is producted from the 98% of Cretan families.Everyone cooks with olive oil.
Olive Oil The production of the Olive Oil is a very important thing in Greece, as most families work for the good production and the very best quality of their product. The most of the oilive oil is eaten by the owners.
Crete may not be in the Tropical weather zone but produces bananas.
The vegetable of the Olives are very tasty and many people prefer eating the Olives without cooking , there is a procedure to make them eatable, Cretans know very well about it.
Olives are devided in black olives, green olives, fat olives or thin small olives. each area borns different kind of Olives. The climated is a very important factor.
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